The Truth About Details

A student points out that slowing down and noticing the world, might make a difference in your life.

Spirit Of Adventure

Details, what would we be without them? Today in class, we wrote an essay on details. The prompt asked us whether or not we should pay attention to details. The simple answer is that without details, life would be extremely dull. So here’s something that some of you guys can relate to. This is a screen shot of Starcraft without details.Image

Are those graphics awesome or what? It’s void of all details except for the basic outlines of the structures. This is the “big picture” of Starcraft. It’s completely playable as is, but how dull would it be? And now for a picture of Starcraft with details.


Awesome right? That’s the point. You can live life without noticing any of the details around you, yet if you’re able to take the time out of your busy life to just stop and pay attention to the small details, your life could…

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