Don’t Listen To Me

Great blog post by a senior student at FVHS

Exciting Events in the World

Written by: Zac Beers

As we age we must learn.  Otherwise we would all lie around crying all the time.  The human race would be extinct very quickly.  We instinctively learn from the others around us.  At a young age we assume that anybody older than ourselves (who would obviously have more life experience) is more knowledgeable than oneself.

This is a simple observation, and in most cases is true.  But not everybody is so pure of heart and willing to share their knowledge.  Some people are not there to help us at all.  How blindly do we as a people slave away to the notion that there is always somebody more knowledgeable, someone who has a better answer?

This study, done just a few years ago, illustrates just that idea.  Take a look.

This same idea can easily be paralleled in fashion.  Masses of people all wear the same style of clothing because it…

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