The Same Road

So teens have a choice. They can be great at school and go to “the right colleges” or they can have a life. This post talks about what it’s like to chose the first choice and asks some important questions about school.

Extraordinarily Living

“Did you do anything fun over break?”
–“I mostly stayed at home and studied. I had to read and answer questions for an entire chapter of history, and I also finished two projects.”

“So, how was your weekend?”
–“It was alright. I’ve been studying and doing homework so far…”

“Thanks for coming to my birthday bonfire today guys! I hope you all had a fun time. What are you guys gonna do after you get home?”
–“I’m gonna get back to homework.”
–“Yeah, I have to study for the AP Euro test.”
–“Me too…”
–“Same. When I get home I’m gonna work on my project, too. It’s due on Monday.”

If you think about it, Dorothy wouldn’t have had an adventure if she had stayed on the yellow brick roadsunbeam-1031201_1920

For some reason, teenagers are having a lot less fun in high school. We have less fun, less…

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