A sad post and an important reminder to make each day memorable. To experience those memorable moments with the people we care about and the people who need care. Take a moment to read the comments too.

Just Keep Swimming

Everyone has those friends that you grew up with and will never forget. I knew this one girl since we were 4 until now. We went to the same school for about 11 years: Pre-Kindergarten till now. She was my best friend along with two other girls who still come to school with me. In the middle of 8th grade, she was diagnosed with leukemia. No one expected anyone as perfect as her to get cancer. My teacher told me that the best of people get the hardest of challenges because they’re too great to handle normal ones. From what I have experienced; it’s true.
Recently, on April 17th she passed away. After a year of cancer, she was done. She relapsed in the beginning of this year, and now she’s passed away. To me, she’s won the battle. She’s in a better place now and no longer has to deal with…

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