From Black & White to Color

I love this exploration of theatre and acting. In this post you will see a short video. The two young ladies in this video are two of the best people I’ve ever met. They made many of my moments in 2014-2015 memorable.

Toeses Are Roses


It’s astonishing how expressive and creative today’s youth have become. As I research and reminisce on Shakespeare’s plays, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, and one of my favorite television shows Bewitched, I realize that art itself has evolved levels far from what it once was. And that’s helped society today to finally encourage kids to share their minds and talents through whatever activity their heart desires–something I am grateful to experience and see in my everyday life. For instance, dance, music, acting, writing–these are only a few options to unleash your true colors and they have given myself, other teens, and many established artists around the world a voice of originality and passion.

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