What I Couldn’t Tell You

While not an example of RE:Framing, this is an example of what you can do with a website/blog. Writing a letter to someone is always nice… it’s also a nice example of reflection AND it wasn’t a required post.

PS- I really miss this student. Both Mr. Ziebarth and I agree that this was one of the brightest “I get life” students we have ever had.

the ways of the nerd

So now school is over. Yesterday we said goodbye to all our old teachers, for the last time walked out of classrooms that we had spent many, many hours in. For the most part, like most other students, I was glad to leave. With one exception. I was not glad to leave my English class, or my English teacher. But strangely, I didn’t say thank you. I didn’t even say goodbye. For some reason, I just couldn’t say what I really wanted to say. So here is the letter of what I couldn’t tell my teacher in person.

Dear Mr. Theriault,

I was going to write you an actual physical letter, but I figured it would just get lost in the clutter of your desk. And to be completely honest, I also got distracted by television. So now I’m writing here, where I now realize this letter will get lost…

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