How to Break the Chains We Live In

We read the poem “A Work Of Artifice” by Marge Piercy in class. This was my student’s response to the poem. Interesting that her father has bonsai trees at home.

Marge Piercy is one of my favorite poets of all time. I own at least two of her poetry books. I recommend you check out her poetry for your personal life, and if you teach poetry or English.

Art tu, Brut?


With chainsaws, of course!

I’ve been waiting to showcase Kelly Reemtsen’s artwork. These oil paintings of women and their garden tools exemplifies a new kind of cult of domesticity, one that is ever evolving.

Reemtsen is a Los Angeles based artist who uses traditional oil paintings to depict the revolutionary ideas of women. In this gallery, women are drawn without faces. Just their hands, their traditional garment of clothing, and a hand tool. Let me tell you why these paintings are so ever amazing.

The women are STILL in the cult of domesticity. The hand tools aren’t for construction, or lumbering, or electrical wiring. These are garden tools, and the garden is still a part of the home. This changes everything. Usually when society stereotypes women, we see baby bottles and mixing spoons, not hedge clippers and chain saws. Why not stereotype women now as being ones that work in…

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