Hello my name is…

A student pushes back against those who scare people with the idea of digital tattoos and that a mistake can ruin you forever….


On top of the average catty drama, substance abuse or even more life changing events like pregnancy are part of the daily high school life. More often than not, I have personally met people I’d never guess were in these situations. These things happen in the lives of many different types of people. Some of these people are extremely kind, open-minded, and accepting.


A mistake is a moment, not a lifetime. 

There are plenty of people I know and interact with everyday who smoke or partake in underage drinking or experimentation with whatever drugs they somehow find. These people are also AP/honor students, contributors to the community, avid church-goers, and amazing friends. I’m not gonna lie, when I see my friends, their extra “activities” definitely cross my mind but just as quickly I think of them as who they are.

The other day a friend (who is “straight-edge”) messaged me…

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