The 60’s: A Societal Earthquake

It’s kinda silly that we have to wait until people finish college to start learning from them. Why must we see a teaching credential before someone can stand in front of a class and weave a tale. This writer has got it going on.

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

60s Collage

Every so often, the ground shakes beneath your feet. Usually it’s just a little tremble, testing your ability to stand upright while all that surrounds you shakes. But every once in a while, your entire world is shaken to its very foundations. All that has been built over last few decades, maybe even centuries could be uprooted, shaken, and crumble to the ground. During the 1960’s the world that had been established by generations previous — a perfect little world with definitive lines to divide right and wrong — experienced a violent earthquake that shattered the validity of previous belief systems.

Go With the Flow or Fight the Current?

In every society, there are certain topics that are considered unfit for discussion. Certain things are to be accepted as societal norms and questions are to be kept to yourself. When you are told something, you are expected to believe and agree with…

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