Ophelia the Riot GRRRL.

This makes me think of seeing L7 live and in your face… love that this was written by two punk boys.

The Eyes of the Underground

Ophelia is one of William Shakespeare”s most famous characters. She is Hamlet’s girlfriend and possible future wife in the play “Hamlet”. One thing that makes Ophelia so popular is her quick wit and her questioning of the misogynistic world she lives in. In one of the first scenes she appears in she comments on how wrong it is that men like her brother or even Hamlet himself are allowed and even expected to be adventurous, out going and maybe even promiscuous. Yet if those traits are found in a women, she is considered a slut. Even though she lives in the misogynistic world of monarch ruled Denmark she finds a way to stick it to the man, by using her words and wits to mess with the men in the play. She displays her contempt for the double standards men hold women to by rebelling with double entendres and word…

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