The Little Things…

Wonderful mashup of Annie Dillard, Olivia Broadfield, and a short class field trip.


Red Curb

So earlier this week, my class went on a field trip around school after reading a little something called Seeing by Annie Dillard. We saw some pretty amazingly simple things. Like a tree. A secret entrance. A little garden. A plaque. Some roses. But the biggest, simplest thing that stuck out to me, though, was a red curb on the side of the street, on the side of my school. Why? Because my teacher told my class that we could go ahead and balance on it while we were walking along that street. Just. Like. Little. Kids. The instant my teacher told us we could go do that, I had this extremely goofy smile on my face that I just could not wipe off. So, there a few of us were, forming a little rag tag line while balancing on the little red curb. We were little kids again. And…

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