Parodies: K-Pop and Hollywood

Watched the comedy Galaxy Quest in class, this student saw similarities to the Korean Host.

K-Poppin My Way Downtown ♫

A parody is always much funnier when the viewer has seen the source material.  However, in cases like the movie,”Galaxy Quest,” the movie can be just as funny without understanding the Star Trek universe.  So, unless you have seen the Korean movie, “The Host”, then this music video parody might not have the same effect on you but is still entertaining.

The second part if you are interested.

Similar to the movie “Galaxy Quest,” the outward appearance is a very lighthearted one but underneath, there is an actual serious story and meaning.  In “Galaxy Quest,” the captain’s journey to get over his love with him self is masked by the comedy.  The deeper message is there but it is hard to notice unless you pay close attention.  Much like in Wannabe, unless you actually read the subtitles, the whole video just seems very random and funny.  But the singer’s message…

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