Art Is The Gap

This is why I love art and using art in my English class. So cool.

In Search of the Missing Piece

“It is not what you see that is art.  Art is the gap.” -Duchamp

Angel in the Shadow

Angel in the Shadow: A digital piece I created during the break from a bad day. (Mouse, SAI)

Before class one day, I rushed over to my friend excitedly, with some new art pieces in my hands.  She was excited as well, and took it eagerly.

I realized after a brief moment however, that she was skimming through the pages.  I was happy that she looked dazzled, since I was quite proud of the art myself, but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy when I saw her skim around.

“Did you look at the dialogue?” I asked her.  In reply, she told me “Oh, no I just skipped it.  The art is really good though! It’s beautiful!”

Despite the compliments, I felt hurt.

Is my art just…meaningless?  Can no one really see what I really try to…

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