What Do I Know….

A juxtaposition of Lord of the Rings and All Quiet On The Western Front.

the ways of the nerd

“Iron Youth! Youth! We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? Youth? That is long ago. We are old folk.”

All Quiet on the Western Front

Age is a lie. (Like the cake.)

Well, that’s not entirely true. (Although I think the cake is still a lie). Age as we commonly use it is incomplete. We’re missing half the equation.

Age can be defined two ways. First, the number of years one has lived. That’s the way we commonly define age. But there’s another side to age. One’s experiences, challenges. One’s acquaintance with grief and sorrow. You could call it the quantitative and qualitative sides of age. Of course, by definition, qualitative data can’t be measured, so it’s difficult to use and compare in everyday life. But it still is an important and vital part to age, whether we remember it or not.

As it does so…

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